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Welcome to the website of Fred F. Groff Funeral Home, Inc. The Fred F. Groff Funeral Home has served Lancaster County since 1892. We have been at our current location at 234 W. Orange Street since 1900. For nearly 120 years, we have proudly offered meaningful and customized funeral services for persons of all faiths, races and religions throughout Lancaster County. Our funeral directors have combined to offer over 125 years of service and dedication to our community.

Fred F. Groff, Inc. is a proud member of the Life Celebration™ Network. Life Celebration™ starts with a simple premise: That every life is meaningful and deserves to be celebrated. From that basic idea, Life Celebration™ can become whatever you want it to be.

As the exclusive providers of Life Celebration™ in Lancaster County, we invite our families to create a unique and memorable service for friends and family to come together, bringing comfort at a time of loss.

Fred F. Groff, Inc.
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